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Meet Our Team



Airen Williams

Owner & Hair Stylist

Being a hairstylist is a dream come true.

Through diverse online and in-person education, I have tailored my skills to specialize in Lived in color, balayage and tape-in extensions.  My time-tested techniques give my clients the opportunity to love their hair in every stage.


All looks are customized to each client to guarantee you are looking your best. After creating your custom color, I devise a tailored hair care routine to ensure your hair is looking the best it can in between appointments. My goal is to make sure you leave my chair happy and confident with your new look. 


Nothing tops the feeling of getting client messages saying that they’re still getting compliments on their hair months after their appointment, which makes them fall in love with themselves all over again!

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Lead Hair Stylist

I am an interdisciplinary artist and hairstylist making waves in both the artist world and the hairstylist world because as I see it, they are not separate. Doing hair is an art form!

Through years of experience and research, I have learned of the beauty industry’s negative impact on the planet and humanity. I challenge that by cultivating a positive blend of inner and outer beauty despite struggling with body image, self-esteem and the beauty industry for a majority of my life.

I created The Beauty Project to remind myself and others that they are not alone, to remain curious by asking questions and to take care of our humanity from the inside out. I am dedicated to challenging the mold of the beauty industry and how it impacts our self image, conversations, gender biases as well as our communities and the environment by offering gender neutral and eco-minded hair services in Reno, NV.

To become a client or to learn more about what I'm up to, please click here:

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Jillian Haun


Hair Stylist

Hi, my name is Holly

I've been doing hair for 11 years now and still love what I do!  I've always been an artsy person as a kid and an adult. Doing hair was a great choice for my career! I get to be creative with everyone's signature style. 

I specialize in blonding, color and connecting with each individual client.

Outside of work I'm busy with my 2 boys and husband. We love sports, hanging out with friends and family in our spare time.

 Also, working alongside with my bestie Katie has been a privilege for many years in my career!


I'm looking forward to many more years in the hair and beauty industry. As it is a huge growing industry!


Yours truly Holly

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Holly Schiavone

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Hi there! My name is Katie, & I've been a hairstylist for 15 years!  I love my craft & specialize in fusion extensions, blonding, grey coverage & long hair. I’m Great Lengths Certified for all your extension needs. In my down time I love camping, cooking, traveling and just hanging with my amazing family of 8! I’m excited to be here at Nova Salon with the super talented staff!

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Katie Castillo


Hair Stylist

After working as a graphic designer for about 20 years, I decided I wanted to get away from the computer and create with my hands again. I took a leap of faith and went to cosmetology school in my early 40’s, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I love going to work every day. The way I see it, art and hairstyling are the same… just different mediums of artistic expression. 


I specialize in hair of all kinds. I like a lot of variety and diversity in my work, and in any workday I do everything from family haircuts to vivid colors and trendy cuts, perms, straightening treatments, tint touchups and highlights. I specialize in gray blending and easy care, natural styles. I’m also Great Lengths certified in keratin fusion extensions. 


My chair is always a safe place… and all are welcome. Come as you are and we’ll make beautiful art together!

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Kim Paulsen



Esthetician & Manager

My name is Tasnim but I have always gone by Taz.  I'm 25 years old, and I've been an esthetician for three years.  My specialty is waxing, and I am truly passionate about esthetics. Our facial program I helped to develop targets every skin type and many issues our clients face.  I am very excited to show everyone the importance of skincare!  Our team is here to take care of all your skincare needs.  

I'm a big family gal, and my absolute favorite thing to do is spoil my cats.  I also love to travel as much as I can! 

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Taz Ali



Hey there! My name is Misha and I have been an esthetician or 4 years. My favorite parts of being an esthetician is the artistic aspect as well as being able to serve others.

As an artist I value discipline, creativity and the beauty community, feeling that you "belong" and having a safe place to express your artistic abilities is absolutely necessary.

As a member of the beauty community, I value compassion, collaboration, patience and responsibility.

I feel that everyone is in a different place in their "beauty/ health" journey and that it is so important to honor and appreciate that. Everyone comes to a salon for different reasons. I believe a salon provides a place for its artists to create and its guests to assist in that creation, heal, and elevate their own personal journey. To be in a position that allows me to be this and provide this space for others is something that I will never take for granted.

I specialize in customized facials with or without modalities but also enjoy applying eyelash extensions and waxing.

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We are always looking for talented people to join our team!

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Nails & Lashes


Nail Artist

Hi! My name is Ana. I’m a newly licensed tech. 

I love expressing my art through beautiful nails. I specialize in acrylic, encapsulations and hand painted art.

Life is not perfect, but your nails can be! 

I’m very excited to be part of this talented team.

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Ana Garris


Lash Artist

Hey there! I’m Kelli.  I’m a highly skilled, professional eyelash artist who is multi certified (Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume, Russian Volume, Strip Lash Look, Lived in Texture, etc.), and love to mentor new lash artists.  My preferred style is a "full but natural look, with lots of texture + curl dimension". I’m looking forward to meeting you all very soon! 

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Kelli Butera

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